The magical call of the drums

The magical call of the drums

Our guests had such a special treat today when we visited the Nyani Cultural village, where a traditional Shangane village is built around a giant old tree, whose gnarled fingers spread out over the courtyard for shade.

The little thatched huts were brightly decorated in patterns and colours and the primitive call of drums, together with melodious voices, called us home for story-time in pure African style.

We were enthralled by the stories of festivals, wars, celebrations and heartache. It was a mixture of song and dance and exquisite costumes. It was invigoration in abundance! With pride and expertise they made the ground shake and pulse, and their contagious enthusiasm made the guests come alive.

One of our American guests was coaxed into choosing a “second” wife and then participating in the family “lobola” (dowry) negotiations to prepare for the “wedding”. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and games, and even his “first” wife (the American one) played along.

After sharing a traditional lunch with them, we left feeling touched by their hearty hospitality and I’ll gladly recommend everyone to pay them a visit.

These Shangane dancers make me so proud to be a South African!