It’s a jungle out there and we’re loving it!
It’s a jungle out there and we’re loving it!
Raptor Retreat Elephant Lodge

We came back after a short holiday away and my, oh my, this is a totally different place. We have been blessed with rain! Everything is suddenly lush and green. Dark green tufts of grass, light green sprouts of new leaves, lime green bits and pieces peeping out from the emerald green depths. It is so beautiful! Fresh and new and full of life. I can hardly believe my eyes. Van Gogh would have lapped up these colours and created a unique bright landscape and a pure feast for the eyes.

Of course, I can only imagine what kind of feast the animals are having at the moment in the dense bush. When I stand on my deck, I see only leaves and leaves and leaves. A fairy-tale paradise! Where, a couple of weeks ago, the area was rusty brown or sallow and faded, it is now suddenly a jungle. Okay, maybe not Tarzan-swinging-from-the-trees kind of jungle, but you get the idea of how excited I am about this.

Late afternoon the elephants again sent a rowdy delegation of young males to welcome us back with their antics in the dam. The relatively FULL dam! Yay!

They were parading in the water, pushing and shoving and sliding around in the mud. Like real naughty boys they were wrestling and teasing each other. Two steps forward, hooking their trunks and then squeezing and kicking in heels. It actually made me think of a rugby scrum. “Crouch. Hold. Engage!”

Ears were flapping. Huge heads were tilting. Trunks were shaking and mud was flying! This clumsy tango continued backwards and forwards (to our great delight) for quite a while.

We’re home!