Who’s defending the castle?

Who’s defending the castle?

Our two knights in shining armour, Chucky en Houdini, are the defenders of our castle. They might look like two little black sausage dogs, but they are lions at heart.

Chucky lives up to his namesake (the doll-monster in the Chucky horror movies) because, believe me, he IS a real monster!  He terrorizes every warthog, impala and frog who dares to set foot in his terrority. He chases anything that breathes and spends his day guarding the entrance to the lodge, chewing some or another skeleton-bone that he dug up somewhere. Beware! For dessert he eats impala droppings…….He is fearless! He’ll gallantly escort new guests on check-ins – for a hug and a pat, of course!

Houdini, on the other hand, has the ability to just disappear. You’ll most probably find him snoring away on his favourite couch. He is much more cautious than his brother and loves hugs and kisses from the guests. He enjoys stalking Chucky, chasing him around the parking lot and sitting on his head.

They rule! Check out this little video clip of them “defending” the front door….

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