This is us!
This is us!


“Are you crazy????” our friends and family asked when Arina and I decided to kick off our city heels and move to the bush.

Our very good friends, Sharmaine and Keith, have created the most wonderful lodge on earth and we fell head over heels in love with this place from the first time we visited here. Needless to say Sharms and Keith didn’t have to do much twisting of our rubber arms…and now, after just returning home from holiday, I have the privilege to let you share in all the wonderful experiences we live every day.

We walk with lions, talk with elephants and soar with eagles. We have impalas as friends, two naughty sausages as our alarm system and a white “jackal” who howls like a werewolf when she’s lonely. We sing when we’re happy and we dance when we’re even happier.

We are the team at Raptor! Pleased to meet you…

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